Our Story

How we met

MacGregor was pretty sure there was never going to be a first date. It had been three weeks since first matching online and Taryn had already cancelled on him twice. How had his witty comments and compliments of her dog's cuteness failed? It turns out they hadn't. Taryn reached out to set up a date for that night... 2 hours after MacGregor had already made other plans. They compromised on Saturday night instead and met up for drinks at the Diamond Knot in Mukilteo.

By the end of the evening, Taryn & MacGregor knew there was something there and agreed to a second date, even if it had to wait for nearly another month. 

Of love AND last names...

Thankfully Taryn was sufficiently convinced that MacGregor wasn't an axe murderer to agree to a hiking adventure on date #2. Although, they did debate the sketchiness of it including old abandoned railroad tunnels (Old Robe Canyon - you decide). Having enjoyed the hike, Taryn's dog Mason gave his approval of this new human and Taryn agreed. When driving back they dealt with the elephant in the room. Taryn Hill and MacGregor Hill made sure that their shared last name was just a coincidence (it was - phew!). When parting ways they decided it was time to go for the first kiss, but to their embarrassment it turned out to be mostly an awkward bumping of noses. MacGregor had seen enough romantic comedies to know this simply could not stand and said "no, get back over here Taryn" and they fixed it. 

By the third date on July 4th they both knew. They each deleted their dating apps and began spending each weekend with each other in Seattle or Whidbey Island. For the record, MacGregor said "I love you" first. 

"What do Chris & Theresa know?"

Less than a year into dating, MacGregor made up his mind and set out on a secret mission. He began ring shopping. One night at the indoor dog park he slyly asked Theresa (future Matron of Honor) a few innocent questions about her ring. She instantly knew something was off. No guy asked these questions, unless... Theresa became part of the secret mission, and by extension Chris (future Best Man). MacGregor had the ring made and delivered by early February. He didn't want to be too corny asking near Valentine's Day so he waited. Unfortunately for Chris & Theresa he didn't get around to proposing until July.

Taryn knew things were going well when they moved in together in early May. However, she had no idea that her ring was hidden in a desk drawer, just a few feet away. One night Taryn pressed MacGregor to "tell me a secret." After a strong effort to deflect, MacGregor finally showed one his cards saying "'Chris and Theresa know something you don't." Taryn perked up and exclaimed "Whhaaaaatttt!?" Like a Bloodhound on a scent, what ensued was two weeks of inquires to find out the enticing secret. 

On July 6th, 2016 MacGregor proposed... much to the surprise of both of them. It was a normal Wednesday night capped with Molly Moon's ice cream, until Taryn started probing about their relationship. After a few minutes she jokingly asked "well, do I need to show you some rings I like?" Still unaware that hers was in the other room, she was startled when MacGregor agreed. They sat together on the couch looking at rings on Pinterest for a few minutes. Taryn started to worry that she had gone too far and would freak him out, but MacGregor had other plans. They discussed their relationship for a while until MacGregor calmly said "the real question is, will you marry me?" Not realizing that this was a real question, Taryn quickly said yes. MacGregor responded "Okay!", jumped up and began rummaging through the desk drawer. With the ring in hand and MacGregor on one knee she knew it was real this time. 

Taryn and MacGregor went out to buy champagne to celebrate and began calling family to share the good news. Having not asked Taryn's parents for their blessing in advance, MacGregor had to gather his nerves for those calls. Luckily they went easy on him. Lastly, with a joint camping trip planned for that weekend, Chris and Theresa were relieved that the secret mission was finally complete.